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... started wondering why his CC's were not getting any emails after they recently made a change. Fixed it with a rule to TRIM when its changed. --> JaymerTip Send Emails to CC & BCC

From Support:

In render script of a query:
parser.m_doNotAddNewOnTab = true;

added in bld 2464

keyword: create allow prevent disable

--> JaymerTip


by Jaymer ¦ Tue Dec 24, 2019 5:02 pm ¦ Forum: General discussion and questions about Aware IM ¦ Topic: SHOW SECTION_START woes ¦ Replies: 3 ¦ Views: 1341

... the form is drawn, so while its not what you were doing, it wouldn't react to changes on the form dynamically. anyway, thanks for this tip. --> JaymerTip ( Tip from Khos on using a style/class to disable/gray data )

Remove Border on Form Separator

by Jaymer ¦ Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:14 am ¦ Forum: General discussion and questions about Aware IM ¦ Topic: Remove Border on Form Separator ¦ Replies: 2 ¦ Views: 586

... space. I see you are actually using text in the Sep, so you might want to add some styling back in or adjust the padding. Just play with it. --> JaymerTip

... Remove the button with the X from the DOM altogether. $("button.k-upload-action[aria-label='Remove']").remove() --> JaymerTip (example code from John Talbott)


by Jaymer ¦ Sun Nov 17, 2019 6:13 pm ¦ Forum: General discussion and questions about Aware IM ¦ Topic: <SOLVED> Script needs to set Form Field,then auto save Form ¦ Replies: 2 ¦ Views: 866

... disableAnimations : true, disableSuccessBeep: false } ); } </script> <button onclick="StartScan()">Scan Location</button> --> JaymerTip

... And Support's help here: --> JaymerTip

in the past, Support wrote this: --> JaymerTip A field can be hidden by a simple script attached to a field: markup.css ("display", "none"); My question is, what do I need to do to make this conditional? The exact syntax ...

JSON example

by Jaymer ¦ Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:38 am ¦ Forum: General discussion and questions about Aware IM ¦ Topic: Update BO from smartphone Android ¦ Replies: 20 ¦ Views: 4492

... if all OK, or a 500. Aware will crap out if you mistype a field name, so better to get it working in PostMan, THEN worry about the phone. --> JaymerTip JSON Example, REST processing a JSON response

... in your own Query - the name needs to be the exact as the data source name from Aware, not the column heading. Enjoy and have a great week! —> JaymerTip

... your values in 2 diff fields (myHrs, myMin) then its: BO.Duration = BO.myHrs * 3600000 + BO.myMin * 60000 The Duration for 4.25hrs is 15300000 --> JaymerTip

... held down SHIFT (to force reload css/js) while I re-drew the page and when the grid came up it looks like the above image. Pretty nifty. --> jaymertip

... be the correct way to do it with the 1=1, and there's no Docs on how to indicate the Color but I got lucky with the <<RO....>> and it worked. --> JaymerTip

... then use that in the Grid. Seems like a simple check box when designing the Grid should turn this off. .... or is it just me ? thx jaymer... --> JaymerTip Solution Here

... processed (my SetLines BO). Scheduler can check for entries and call the SET subroutine... but I still can't think of a good real-world use. --> jaymerTip