Stay on Current Record when clicking on ‘Create’

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Stay on Current Record when clicking on ‘Create’

Post by Jhstephenson »

Hopefully this will make sense...

Let’s say I have an Activity and a Client BO’s. Client is the parent.

Part 1:

In a Query for the Activity BO, in the Panel Operations I have a button to create a new activity record and I can tell it to ‘Redisplay form after object has been created’.

So, I fill in the blanks, select the Client I want to attach to this activity and then click on ‘Create’ and the form stays just where it was and now the ‘Create’ changes to ‘Save’.

Works just like it is supposed to and how I want it to.

Part 2:

Now I go to a Query for the Client. Find the Client I want and go to the Client form, where I have a Tab with a grid on it for the Activity History for that client.

It also has a button in the Panel Operations to add a New Activity (Add New Reference), but that operation does not have a check box to ‘Redisplay form after object has been created’.

I click on the ‘Create New Activity’ button and it opens up the form, and I can fill in the blanks and click ‘Create’. Now however, I am returned to the Client Activity History grid. I have to either click on the record or an icon to go back into the Activity form.

I have tried creating a process to do part two in hopes of having it stay on the form, but no such luck. This process creates the Activity record with the Client record tied to it and then ‘EDITS’ the Activity with the default form (same as is done in the others). The Save/Create button on the form does say ‘SAVE’ but it just goes back to the grid when it is pressed the first time.

How can I get the functionality on the Create Activity called from the parent Client to be the same as when it is called from the Activity Query?
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Re: Stay on Current Record when clicking on ‘Create’

Post by Jaymer »

Part two. Panel operations. Add new reference

The only thing add new reference does, is physically attaches the two records via the reference field.
You could just do a create object Activity, but then it won’t Point to the client unless you manually had a drop-down box on the activity form.
This is from memory, so on a create object, is that where it has default implementation or use process? If so, you can call a process. Also, you can just do a start process which will ENTER NEW Activity WITH xxxxx USING Form

In the WITH section, you just set the reference that the add new reference WAS doing,
Then the save Does not have to close form after save, and it will stay there for multiple records.
But, I’m not sure if the subsequent records will have the reference that was set in the WITH

In that case, one of the first things the process should do is store the client in LIRU. Then a IF NEW rule on activity can set the reference
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