Multiple command buttons in same column

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Multiple command buttons in same column

Post by MESSI »

Hi all,

Operation with records
- results a column for each Operation. (I do not want a dropdown list in this case - i know that feature)
I also do not want to store the buttons in a html cell in DB. ... ame-column

Has anyone done it? Thank you.
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Re: Multiple command buttons in same column

Post by nhofkes »

Do you want to keep the same buttons but have them in one column instead of separate columns? If so, you could remove the borders between the columns using CSS - it would then look as one column with all buttons combined, although technically it consists of three columns.

If you want three buttons but in a smaller column, you can also consider leaving out the button text and use only an icon. Again, using CSS you can reduce the margins around those icons and make them appear to be in one column.
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