Kanban Board displays duplicate records

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Kanban Board displays duplicate records

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Hi - I have created a Kanban Board, based on the IssueResolution example. All is seems to be working fine, however, there seems to be a slight glitch in what is displayed.

When I move a record from one column to another the original record is moved but a new record is displayed in the same column that I've moved the original record to, you are left looking at 2 versions of the same record in the same column. If I refresh the query there are still two identical records displayed, however, if I log out and then log back in the query is displayed correctly with only one version of the record in the correct column.

It appears that no new record is actually created (which is correct), however, the query seems to create an additional copy of the record which is also displayed??? This just confuses the end user and makes me look a bit stupid, is there a way round this, am i doing something wrong?

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