2 questions re MySQL

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2 questions re MySQL

Post by rocketman »

So I successfully migrated over to a new server (Windows server 2022 running on AMD 6 core, 12 thread 3.6Ghz - flies like a bullet) All systems working BUT I am getting a lot (like 36,000 in 12 hours) of BAD Handshake (event ID 100) with the provide MySQL in my event viewer logs Just wondered if anyone with MySQL knowledge would know why this is happening? More info on request. (the BAD HANDSHAKE doesn't seem to be affecting anything but I'd rather not see them) It might be linked to a dictionary attack that is currently taking place but 3306 is blocked on a hardware firewall so I'm just not sure what is going on but it's curious that the number of entries in the application event log and the security event log are running about neck and neck

2nd point - Like a lot of people I'm facing MySQL 5.7 end of life in October, so what's the current thinking - MySQL 8.x or is MariaDB a serious contender?

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Re: 2 questions re MySQL

Post by customaware »

I am not sure about your Bad Handshake issues.

However, regarding your question re: MySQL 8.x or MariaDB....

I switch every single app I have (except one very old legacy that will stay in MS-SQL) from MySQL to Maria DB many years ago now.
My main reason is that I wanted to take advantage of Aware IM's SEQUENCE capability but I did not want to use MS-SQL.
Hence, considering only MS-SQL and Maria support Sequences (MySQL does not) it was an easy choice.

Have had no regrets. Maria DB is exceptional and I have had zero issues with it.
Can't say for sure but seems to me that as Maria forked from MySQL, then that was for a reason and hence one would assume it's future
development path is pretty positive.
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