PDF.Downloader.Qakbot - security issue - Wkhtmltopdf

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PDF.Downloader.Qakbot - security issue - Wkhtmltopdf

Post by MESSI »

We are using wkhtmltopdf for several years to convert html documents in PDF files. Since couple of days some antiviruses are seeing these PDF files as security issues.
Does anyone has an alternative to wkhtmltopdf?(wkhtmltopdf seems to be an abandoned project).

Thank you
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Re: PDF.Downloader.Qakbot - security issue - Wkhtmltopdf

Post by customaware »

I use PDFCombine from CoolUtils.

I use the Command Line version and it works great....

I throw everything I want in a final PDF.... html, excel, word etc into a temporary folder and get a resulting PDF file
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Re: PDF.Downloader.Qakbot - security issue - Wkhtmltopdf

Post by Rennur »

I've scanned one of our .PDFs and did not detect any malware.
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