Responsive behavior with Popups incorrect and causes logout.

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Responsive behavior with Popups incorrect and causes logout.

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in short...

If you have a query that displays a popup form either as a panel operation (say for eg. 'New') or displays a popup form as the result of an 'Operations with Records', And if you have 2 forms setup for responsive behavior in the BO (forms section responsiveness) by making one form for small screens and one form for larger screens, then if the browser is resized, whilst a popup is displaying, then the correctly sized form (for the changed screen size) will display in the main panel underneath the popup. The original popup will stay open.

When after closing the original popup, and after closing the form that displayed in the panel, then the system logs you out.

So there's 2 problems here:

1. The responsiveness for forms set up in the BO incorrectly displays the form in the panel instead of replacing the existing popup form for the new screen size, which leaves you with 2 forms showing instead of one.

2. The system logs you out. (boo)

The expected behavior (in my opinion) would be that the existing popup form is replaced by the form for the new screen size, so that if someone is working on a tablet, and they are busy entering or looking something up via the popup, then the popup would be responsive along the with the rest of the app.

Now.. it was commented in one of my other queries on responsiveness, that I shouldn't be resizing my browser. But I resize to simulate say a tablet being turned between portrait and landscape or if someone has multiple browsers open, and besides.. the documentation says we should be able to do this.

I have prepared a test BSV which reproduces the behavior.

To Test...

1. Add a Record or 2
2. Evoke popup with either 'New' button or 'Edit' (or select a record)
3. Resize browser whilst popup is displaying.

You will see either the small or big forms displaying underneath the popup depending on width.
popupLogoutBug.JPG (34.19 KiB) Viewed 86085 times
I have tested this BSV on 2 different machines with AwareIM installations.. one Dev. one Server.

Note also: I don't use the test environment... I publish and test as if it is live on a Dev machine, so I don't know if it is the same in the test environment.

Have fun.
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