Find References Doesn't find references inside Quotes.

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Find References Doesn't find references inside Quotes.

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When you right click on a process and click Find References, it doesn't find processes that are called with START PROCESS.


I have a process and one of the Rules has a line...

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Start Process 'SomeProcess'
When I right click on the SomeProcess process (in the Processes tree) and click on Find References, it tells me that 'No References Found'

It works fine if the process you're trying to find is called from configuration item like... for eg. a Panel Operation that starts a process.

It also works if the process is started after a find, or when sending a BO to the process... for eg..

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Find All BO
SomeProcess Using BO
Just not when the process has to be enclosed in quotes ... 'SomeProcess', like after a Start Process.

If I recall, the same problem exists for anything else in quotes... for eg. Display Perspective 'SomeVP'

This makes it really difficult to clean up a BSV because if you've written some processes that have been replaced with others, and are no longer needed, you have to basically check every code/rule path and hope you haven't missed one before deleting a process.
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