FR - Refresh DB Scripts

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FR - Refresh DB Scripts

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When you create a BSV you can create database scripts for stored procedures, triggers etc.

When you put this into test the first time then it creates these scripts in the database.

When you put it into Production the first time it creates these in the prod database.

If you are perfect then you never have to touch your stored procedures (or whatever you've put into the script) ever again.

If you are a normal person you will want to edit the script or add additional scripts after that initial script creation. In which case you are s*** outta luck because the scripts are a one and done.

Appreciate that it may be difficult to edit existing database scripts but the ability to continually add stored procedures is required otherwise you are into the depths of your db manager and have to remember to propagate these from test to prod and however many other prod BSVs you have. Massive scope for errors and omissions
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