[IMPLEMENTED] FR - Update Build Parameters / Config Mem (Default memory increased)

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[IMPLEMENTED] FR - Update Build Parameters / Config Mem (Default memory increased)

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The default build overwrites the memory settings of the Config Tool whenever you create a new build and are not paying attention.

The default memory allocation for Config Tool is 64MB. This is ludicrously low and results in java heap errors whenever you are doing anything the requires a lot of memory (like create new minor version).

Update the build to allocate a more sensible amount of memory to the Config Tool (and also not overwrite the memory settings for updates). 64MB is a stupidly low amount of memory for 2021 and if you are using a Single User version for development you have to completely restart the server to modify the CT memory and log back in. See Server Big Red Button FR
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Re: FR - Update Build Parameters / Config Mem

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