I Think I Must Be Going Crazy :-|

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I Think I Must Be Going Crazy :-|

Post by customaware »

I have been using Aware now for over 11 Years and no and again the simplest things make me start to question
my own sanity.....

For Example....

You have a Process called MyProcess that has two Rules


CREATE LogRecord WITH LogRecord.LogTimestamp = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

So the stupidly simple question is....

If FIND MyBO WHERE MyBO.MyData = 'TEST' TAKE BEST 1 does NOT FIND any Records....

a. Does CallSubProcess get executed ?
b. Does Rule2 get executed ?

For those who are scratching their head wondering how I could be asking this... it has to do with Schedule Rules not triggering reliably.
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Re: I Think I Must Be Going Crazy :-|

Post by kklosson »

Have you reviewed the logs?
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Re: I Think I Must Be Going Crazy :-|

Post by Jaymer »

I've never done it that way.
I'll break Rule 1 into 2 Rules and use SEARCH_COUNT > 0 (or SEARCH_COUNT = 1) to call the subtask.

But as to the brain teaser:
a) I'd say it always calls the subtask, but since thats ambiguous (pending tests), I'd examine logs or not worry about it since I'd be using SEARCH_COUNT
b) yes, always creates the Log.
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Re: I Think I Must Be Going Crazy :-|

Post by hpl123 »

I would think both are executed no matter what as you don't have any conditional parts in there. I could be wrong though.
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Re: I Think I Must Be Going Crazy :-|

Post by PointsWell »

I have mused over this one before and committed myself to use IF SEARCH_COUNT as the stage gate to my sub processes. I then forget every time.

I worked it out because I found processes running and not generating records because when tracked back the search didn't return anything.

Yes AIM continues with the process but generates warnings in the log that there is no BO
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Re: I Think I Must Be Going Crazy :-|

Post by RLJB »

I just wanted to add... you probably are going crazy regardless of the answer to this question :roll:
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