Priorities - specifically New features and bug fixes

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Priorities - specifically New features and bug fixes

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Thought this might get buried if I left it under the "Priorities" thread, so bringing it up as its own thread.

this is just a statement, not a criticism of Awaresoft's direction.

But some features are dictated by the needs of application that Awaresoft/Vlad are involved in.
Meaning... if he (Vlad) is working on an App and comes across a shortcoming, one of his workarounds will be to add a new feature to resolve that issue.

I know there was something in the "Funeral App" that took advantage of this "insider" advantage.

And we know that in the past some have taken collections to add features which shifts his priorities towards that new feature.

But the squeaky wheel gets the oil.
I've had great success in working with Vlad on Bugs... but it takes work. His methodology of needing the App to duplicate (on his local hardware) is very hard to achieve. And he's usually skeptical that there's a bug to begin with, so the burden of proof is heavily on us.

I dread seeing this: "If you could put together a small BSV that reproduces the issue, we would have a look"
Because that means 30 minutes or more to rethink the problem and try to duplicate it in the CRM demo, as usually you can't send your whole app and supporting relational data. And instructions for Vlad manually recreating the data (for problem recreation) are not well received.
I've found the easiest is to add code to the CRM and send Vlad a new CRM. That way he installs a new "default" CRM and replaces with my BSV. Then there's data already and we can more quickly focus on the bug.

When someone posts an issue (ie. bug) here on the forum, I'm usually thinking to myself "Haven't you emailed this directly to support yet"? Because thats the only way its going to get any quick traction.

And like I've said before in posts, if no one chimes in to say they have an issue with something, then its not getting his attention and might take a while to get resolved. After all, if only 1 person is signaling an issue then why spend resources to fix it?
Case in point - the HTML editor will finally be able to have the tool icons adjusted (per the upcoming features list). I've had cases where there were just too many options in that toolbar and he last told me (years ago) it would be difficult to customize the icons. Well, now its happening. SOMETHING drove this improvement and I'm glad for it.

There are also times when I'll find a definite BUG and when I get the request for a BSV, I just can't or won't put the time required to prepare it. If I've worked around the issue then sorry, its too much effort to help try and improve the product.

BTW, has anyone ever used that feature to import an HTML form?
(I found it was too hard and not worth it, but if anyone has a real example, would be nice to hear about it.)

AND... does anyone use the wizard for creating Custom Templates? There were so many issues with the first pass of that and I was already comfortable manually doing these that I dropped any hope of that wizard.
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